According to Part 3 of Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", the warranty period (term) for seasonal goods, for example shoes, is calculated from the beginning of the corresponding season, which is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Appendix No. 1 to Resolution No. 172 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 establishes a list of seasonal goods, the warranty terms of which are calculated from the beginning of the corresponding season, for example - footwear:

  • winter assortment - from November 15 to March 15;
  • spring-autumn assortment - from March 15 to May 15 and from September 15 to November 15;
  • summer assortment - from May 15 to September 15.
Guarantees for shoes do not cover:
  • If the buyer violates the order of operation, care, storage of shoes and if there is mechanical damage (burns, cuts, abrasions, punctures);
  • In case of violation of the use of shoes with a violation of seasonality (for example, demi boots may not be suitable for operation during frost and snow)
  • When footwear is deformed due to incorrect wearing, drying, as well as the effects of chemicals and other substances;
  • For parts that require minor repairs: laces, insole, fittings, insoles (since they are replaceable).

The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out an examination within 14 days from the moment of receiving the return of defective shoes.

Please note that a change in the color of natural leather when water gets on it is not considered a manufacturing defect.

If you decide to buy shoes with a dark lining (black, burgundy, red, etc.), then be prepared for the fact that under the influence of moisture and sweat, the lining may become stained.

Provisions regarding Warranty/Non-warranty cases:

According to the "Recommendations regarding the determination of the nature of the footwear defect and the conditions of its operation" approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Economy and European Integration of Ukraine, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine dated 10.17.2002 No. 291/457

Item No. 1 – List of defects that can be eliminated by REPAIR

1. Detachment or damage to the decorative edge of the sole

2. Rupture of seams

3. Detachment of decorative elements, damage to accessories, zippers or sliders, metal eyelets, stoppers in tch on laces

4. Fracture, separation of soles or heels

5. Wear or defects of lining and insole

Item No. 2 – List of defects that do not entitle the customer to file claims with the seller, since these defects arose as a result of violation of the rules of care and operation

1. Mechanical damage (cuts, chips, scratches, punctures)

2. Deformation due to improper wearing, drying, as well as the action of chemicals and other substances

3. Shedding of colored leather linings, if natural dyes are used in them

4. Repair (the warranty does not apply to shoes that have been repaired by oneself, without agreement with the manufacturer)