Return Policy

Rules for returning and exchanging shoes

You can return the product to the store (or exchange it for another similar product) within 14 days from the day of purchase or receipt of the order by mail. This rule applies to goods of good quality, that is, unused and undamaged.

To return or exchange a product, you must follow the terms of its return:

  • the product is not on the List of those that are not subject to exchange and return
  • the product has not been used and has been preserved in the form in which it was purchased (there is packaging, a label)
  • less than two weeks have passed since the purchase of the product
  • there is a cashier's or goods receipt.
Goods in improper condition can be returned only in case:
  1. Factory defect

  2. Having defects that were discovered during the warranty period and are a warranty case

To return an item:
  • Inform us about your intention to return the product by calling 067-738-34-05

  • Send the product to the PO in the name of Trofymenko Yurii Oleksandrovych, 067-738-34-05, Kyiv, Nova Poshta #311

  • Notify the manager after sending and provide the TTN number and details of your account in IBAN format, as well as your RNOKPP (TIN) code

  • The refund period is 5-7 working days from the date we receive the goods

To exchange an item:

  • Inform us about your intention to exchange the product, as well as for which model or size, by tel. 067-738-34-05
  • Send the product to: Kyiv, Nova Poshta #311, in the name of Yuriy Trofymenko 067-738-34-05
  • An exchange will be made after we receive the return.

In the event that you were sent the wrong model or size that you ordered, we will pay the shipping and return costs. In all other cases, delivery and return at the buyer's expense according to Nova Poshta tariffs.